Hello to all. This blog is intended for a multitude of audiences, my family, friends, other students studying abroad, students hoping to study abroad or anyone who recognizes AWESOMENESS.

I’m a student of the University of South Florida studying abroad in Exeter, England. Before school starts I will spend a week in New York, two days in Boston, a week in Ireland, a week in Belgium then I’ll head to Exeter.

Point of this blog: to have a written account of my journey, to inform others of my travels including the positives and negatives and to hopefully encourage others to do their own dream trips.

If I skip several days because I get busy, I will try to catch up when things slow down.


In this universe or any other parallel form of this universe, I do not claim to be a good speller. My entire family suffers from this extreme downfall of mine (excluding my younger brother Max, you lovable punk who doesn’t even like to read! 😛 ). Let me stress- if you are ever in a life or death spelling situation- DO NOT USE YOUR ONE PHONE CALL ON ME! Disregard all spelling and grammar errors you come across.


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