Part 2 of First Day in NY

Day 1, Part 2-

The plane ride to New York City was extremely easy due to my new book obsession- “The Hunger Games.” For all of my readers, make it a point to find, steal, borrow, barter, or beg for these books!


At baggage claim I immediately found my very large bright hot pink suitcase. However, I decided to take a phone call and sat down next to baggage claim. About this time I see two other identical suitcases roll by. After peaking into what I thought was my bag, I chased down the other two women and exchanged bags. This could have been a horrible start to any trip, especially four months worth of clothes. CHECK YOUR BAGS ALWAYS!

Later that day I had the perfect cheer up. Mike, a friend of mine in NY, took me to Chinatown to eat the streamed soup dumplings. AMAZING! They aren’t even on the menu but everyone knows to order them when they come. For you foodies out there, Mike knows the way to do Chinatown. Order the best items from several restaurants. We only paid $20 for a mountain of delicious Chinese food!

Amazing soup dumplings, eating them is an art form. They were soooo delicious!

Note for travelers: this first day will be extremely emotional. You will be exhausted and if you’re anything like me might make you sick. Drink vitamin C and try to sleep!


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