The Kim and Ramen Day

Day 2

So, I’m taking a beautiful stroll to Central Park, taking my sweet ol’ time to meet Maureen and what happens? I’m just a few minutes off from seeing Kim and Khloe Kardashian! COME ON. I do not like the fact that I know way more about her than I’d like or think that she adds much to this world, but it would have at least given me my one celebrity siting while I was in New York! Maureen was walking and her entourage starts pouring out from a building adjacent from Central Park. A body guard comes out first, then Kim swingin’ it and carrying a dog, Khloe, and about three others with their arms full of bags. She said it was right out of a movie.

Later that day we went to get our toes and nails done at a place that was running a special. Why do you usually get your nails done? To relax, right? The broad running the joint did not get this memo. There seemed to be a contest going to see how many toes they could paint in an hour. But I must say, my toes are so pretty!

Dinner time!

When you have new food and it’s great, you’re glad you made the right choice. However, when you have new food at a place far from home and it’s beyond wonderful, a homerun, finding money on the sidewalk, meeting your soulmate kind of amazing, do you get slightly angry like I do?

Mike took me to Totto Ramen tonight. At first when he said, “Hey, lets go get some Ramen.” I laughed at him. Are you kidding me? I’m a college student, mister. I KNOW ramen. But then I had this ramen and it was a religious experience. So good in fact, that I had to sit there and just stare at it for a minute. I had to go once more with Maureen while I was there.  Ten dollars for homemade noodles and the best ramen of my life.  Now I actively miss this ramen.  Good job, Mike.


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