Labor Day Part 1

     That morning we had HUGE bagels. Very tasty. I also found out around this time that the cast party I didn’t go to last night for “Catch Me If You Can” on broadway had the real  Frank Abagnale Jr. join for the party. We have not yet confirmed if Leonardo DeCaprio came but I wouldn’t be surprised at this point. I would have made the same choice but UUURRRGGG!

One thing I want to mention was all of the artwork all over the house. Eloise, who is fifteen I believe, is an amazing artist. I did not inherit this artistic skill and I’m always slightly amazed at the these talents.

I’m also having another first today, a huge Staten Island cookout party! But while Lisa was getting everything ready, everyone took a long walk down the street to the park. We played Frisbee and watched some miserable attempts at chin-ups on the jungle gyms. It was right out of a movie.


We had lots of good food and dozens of different kinds of drinks and beers. They invited lots of families who brought goodies and different dishes. I ate and ate and ate.

What I found comical, was the very real clique that unfolded. As Maureen, Gloria, and I sat on the swings, we watched the men play Frisbee. The wives and girlfriends laughed enduringly as the realized how childish their husbands were. If I can paint a better picture- two grown men, John and Jim are throwing a Frisbee back and forth while Mike stands in the middle with a huge tree limb trying to knock it down. Very entertaining.


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