Staten Island


New York from the ferry

On Sunday afternoon, Mike, Maureen and I prepared to leave for Staten Island to visit Mike’s childhood friends for Labor Day. Mike and I did not know exactly what time Maureen could meet us so we took a detour to Chinatown for their egg rolls and dumplings. There is a little place in the NY Chinatown where you can pay one dollar for five homemade dumplings. Of course as soon as we receive the food, Maureen texts saying she’s almost there and we can take the earlier train. We did not make it on time so I sacrificed my eggroll as a peace offering to Maureen. (I’m mainly offering this small anecdote to get a laugh from Mike and Maureen when they read it.)


This ride was one of the only Ferries I’ve ever taken. This ride has an excellent view of the city (especially at night) and the Statue of Liberty.


We walked right off the subway to Lee’s Tavern where we were meeting John and his three children for dinner. For those of you that have never been to Lee’s Tavern- AMAZING PIZZA. I ate five pieces. That does not beat my record of seven pieces (when I was twelve years old) but still, that has to show how good it was. I also had a beer just to say I ordered a beer in Lee’s. Fun stuff.


Then we went to Franks, which is a very famous cream shop. I don’t want to call it Ice Cream because it wasn’t really that texture. It was more of an ice, almost like an Italian ice. This is another food item that pretty much made me angry. It was SO good that I temporarily thought of moving to Staten Island just so I could have it everyday, never mind the threat to obesity this would cause, it’s just that good.


Fun story about Franks-

Lisa and John are two very fun people who have three children, Jamilla, Sam, and Eloise, and teach on the island. As we’re eating Franks in their living room, Lisa tells us about the time she didn’t tell John Frank’s had opened after a session of being closed. She kept this secret for two weeks because John ate it so much. Then someone asked John, “have you been to Frank’s yet, they have two new flavors?” Of course John had to get back at Lisa, so every day for two weeks John went and brought home Franks. For everyone just to spit Lisa. I don’t care if you don’t think that was a cute story but it made me happy.


Aside from the bird they were watching, I also met their lizard. The whole time I was holding him, I kept thinking about the lizards

in Holes and how at any moment it might bite me just like Kissin’ Kate Barlow. If you don’t get this reference, pick up a book.



It was a great day!


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  1. Mike
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 22:49:13

    Laugh accomplished!


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