Headed to Ireland Part 2

Saturday 10th

I’m now waiting on a connecting flight in the London Heathrow airport and feeling very sophisticated and worldly. There are so many countries sitting in this waiting lounge. I didn’t want to pay for the Internet so I went to this kiosk in the airport where these guys were waiting for anyone to come ask them about buying traveling insurance. Instead, they get this goofy American girl to persuade them to let her use their Internet on their computers. Never hurts to ask!

I finally arrive in Dublin and I feel like I would be a perfect extra for some walking-dead film. I’m just dragging along to get to my bus stop. The Dublin airport is very poorly laid out. (I will have a rant about this in a future post). The bus takes me near my temporary home in Donacloney, Northern Ireland. The house is so beautiful, even in my fatigued state!








By this point I just barely landed in bed on the third floor.



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