Headed to Ireland!

Friday 9th of September

I’m leaving for Ireland today, YAY! I packed everything after doing some laundry and had one more slice of New York pizza (yum.) I struggle with all my bags down to the street, push and pull until I finally get down to the subway. Then I just stand there starring at the stairs. Stairs…hmmm….40 pound luggage and a humongous backpack. After mentally debating the pros and cons, I finally decided on hailing a taxi. Although I’ve had extremely nice taxi drivers who are actually quite fun, I got probably the meanest taxi driver I’ve ever had. You meet these individuals and you really wonder, do they actually have something shoved in their buttocks region to have such a sour disposition? But I took solace in knowing I’m going to Ireland baby, and he’s not! (insert evil laugh here)

So at the airport, I met this amazingly interesting girl named Julia Steinrueck. She was leaving to be apart of the Woolf Program, which means she’ll be working on organic farms for nine months. She just graduated from high school, got into a university and then told them to hold her spot because she wanted to travel the world. We ate dinner together and had a marvelous time!

The plane was quite large and they had movies! Not a bad flight as far as international flights go. I watched Bridesmaids and Adjustment Bureau. If you have not seen these films, they’re quite terrific.

Emily Blunt is definitely on my girl crush list!

I’m passing into Friday now as the plane heads east!


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