Let’s have a “Celebration!”

Sunday 11th

I went to church today with the group! Met lots of fun people and just enjoyed the sea of accents.  Church was quite a different experience then what I’m used to. Going to United Methodist Church of Leesburg back at home where we sing hymns was a big switch to the rock band and smoke machines at Celebration Church. I’m a bit sad I didn’t get to stay longer or else I could have possible sang with them on a Sunday. Two of the house members where I was staying was singing. It is always great when you get to see someone in his or her passion. Anyah and Ashiah were just rocking it out with Chris on guitar and Jordan on drums.

Let's sing!









The picture quality is great but you get the idea…







The sad part about the next few days is that I’ve got two large homework assignments due soon at USF. So I spend a large amount of time doing homework.  But I still have fun making tea in the kitchen and having everyone crowd around until the kettle whistles.


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