Meet the Family!

I was expecting to be hit with the Irish accent but I ended up being surrounded by Americans, and Jacksonville at that. John and Rachel Scott came with several others to start a branch of the Celebration Church in Northern Ireland. They found this great house and use it as the “Team House” for the church. They had just arrived a bit ago from America so conversion mode was still in place. 

They have a beautiful little girl named Anikah. I must admit I was thrilled to have a baby in the house. She was the happiest little thing and just loved being around people. She’s quite spoiled in affection from the lovin’ she receives from the household members and the church. I was able to have lots of baby time while I was there!

I love da babies!

Natalie also came from America to help set up the church and she also watches little Anikah several days a week. She went to school in Lakeland, which is so close to USF. Made me feel like I took some home with me.

The rest of the household family includes Anyah and Ashiah, the two Polish girls who were rocking out at church. They are so much fun! I love learning and hearing about different cultures. They are both so much fun and have such a great sense of humor!


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