Small note about the Dublin Airport:

So… I have a love-hate relationship with the Dublin Airport.

Negatives– I hope you’re magic, otherwise you will never figure out where your terminal is to check in. Be prepared to walk 15,000 miles to get to your gate once you’ve been patted down at security. (Yes I had the pat down)
Positives– Not only did they let me have an overweight check-in bag, they also let me have two carry-ons when other airlines made me pay 60 bucks. Go Air-Lingus! Plus free Wi-Fi.
The scales are only tipped in their favor because my airline kicks butt.
I made friends with a man who was equally confused and frustrated. He also cheered up when he discovered there was free wi-fi. Don’t remember the flight too much, I passed out before we left the terminal. It was an EARLY flight.
I’ll miss you Ireland! On the way to Belgium…

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