Making Mussels!

One of my favorite things to do includes going to Carrabba’s with ReeRee and Reedaddy and ordering the mussels. Apparently, the “mussels in Brussels” is something you have to do in Belgium. However, Apple’s momma said she could do them just as well, so we made mussels and french fries. I will have to try this one day soon. We made them outside and the sun was going down so while they were cooking, I played paparazzi.

with my camera. We ate, and ate, and ate! This was my last night in Belgium 😦 I had so much fun and the family was wonderful! Hopefully I’ll get to see Apple soon if she comes and visits friends in Florida!


Feeding the Coy Fish!

Apple’s momma and I feed the coy fish in the back yard today, so much fun! They eat right out of your hand. I had a video, but it’s not downloading properly 😦 However, it was beautiful outside!

Gent, Belgium

Beautiful Gazebo in the Park

September 21, 2011

Went to Gent today with Apple’s brother to pick up my train ticket and see some of the landscape. We didn’t have much time but we did see some beautiful parks!

Bridge in the Park

What do you do after the Gym?

So Apple is a Zumba instructor. For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s a fast dance workout so you don’t feel like you are actually working out. I went to several of Apple’s classes this week. One night when we had done a workout in the gym and then two of Apple’s classes, I came home EXHAUSTED! So what did I do….ate chocolate! Apple found this endlessly amusing so we took a pic to share. 🙂

It was good too!


Festival in Brugges!

Twice a year in Belgium they don’t allow any cars in the city centers on Sunday. Instead you must ride a bike, take a train, or walk to enjoy the city. Brugges looked like a huge festival with dancing, free museum entries, and other activities. The weather was perfect so we spent the day wandering around the city eating Belgium french fries and chocolate. It was a spectacular day!!

Swing Dancing in Belgium!

Apple took me to a vintage show/ burlesque show and swing dance club! So much fun! I love dressing up and dancing!


Event Promo Video-

Videos of Dancing-

Brussels, Belgium!

Sorry there has been such a huge gap between posts. School is warming up here and there are events going on constantly so taking time to write can be tough!

When I arrived at the Brussels airport Apple came to pick me up so we could tour Brussels for the day. This included real Belgian waffles, seeing the key sites and watching the Manneken Pis statue being clothed for a festival. This statue is not as large as I thought it was but so cute in a “cute naked boy peeing in a fountain” kind of way. You would not believe the reactions from people watching this statue get clothed. I was packing back my fresh waffle topped with strawberries, powdered sugar and chocolate (if you can’t already tell, Belgium is going to be filled with food) and people were going crazy, like seeing this statue suddenly wearing a cowboy hat and boots made their whole month!

Cut me some slack in these photos, by this point I had gotten up at 2 that morning, rode a bus, waited at the airport, took a plane…

The Grote Markt Grand Place is where they have the Carpet of Flowers every year. Google search it! It’s beautiful. Apple and I had such a great time!

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