Small note about the Dublin Airport:

So… I have a love-hate relationship with the Dublin Airport.

Negatives– I hope you’re magic, otherwise you will never figure out where your terminal is to check in. Be prepared to walk 15,000 miles to get to your gate once you’ve been patted down at security. (Yes I had the pat down)
Positives– Not only did they let me have an overweight check-in bag, they also let me have two carry-ons when other airlines made me pay 60 bucks. Go Air-Lingus! Plus free Wi-Fi.
The scales are only tipped in their favor because my airline kicks butt.
I made friends with a man who was equally confused and frustrated. He also cheered up when he discovered there was free wi-fi. Don’t remember the flight too much, I passed out before we left the terminal. It was an EARLY flight.
I’ll miss you Ireland! On the way to Belgium…

Sexy Castle with Anyah

Anyah wanted to bring me to a “sexy castle” in Ireland. We had such a great time! Then ended the adventure with some Chinese food!

I left for Belgium early the next morning. It was so hard saying goodbye to everyone but I feel I’ll see them again. If you’re ever in Jacksonville or Northern Ireland- check out Celebration Church. They’re a great group of wonderful people!

Belfast with Melissa McMinn!

Friday, 16th of September

Today Melissa (a.k.a. Miley Cyrus) went to see beautiful Belfast. This included a fashion show, the building place of the Titanic, a big blue fish, coffee at The Red Berry and shopping!!

Once again, click on pictures to make them larger. There is actually a huge Titanic center being built at the moment at that spot. If I get to revisit my Ireland family, I’ll see how it turns out!

Future site projection:

Mornings in the Kitchen

I’ve come to the conclusion that we move way too fast in the mornings back home. We need to kick back, make coffee by kettle and have some breakfast with the family. I also believe that mornings are always better with a beautiful, happy baby to fawn over!

Who's lovin' life? I am!

She liked the joke :)

Another example of cuteness: Getting flowers! I was sent flowers at the house by a very special person. I wonder who that was 😉


New Castle

Wednesday, 14th of September

What an awesome day! Anyah, Ashiah and I went to New Castle by the sea to take a hike and eat dinner. Click on the pics to get a better look. We had a blast obviously…

Beautiful Day in Ireland!

I decided to snap some photos of the house since it’s so pretty. It’s also beautiful outside so Anikah and I took a walk!

Meet the Family!

I was expecting to be hit with the Irish accent but I ended up being surrounded by Americans, and Jacksonville at that. John and Rachel Scott came with several others to start a branch of the Celebration Church in Northern Ireland. They found this great house and use it as the “Team House” for the church. They had just arrived a bit ago from America so conversion mode was still in place. 

They have a beautiful little girl named Anikah. I must admit I was thrilled to have a baby in the house. She was the happiest little thing and just loved being around people. She’s quite spoiled in affection from the lovin’ she receives from the household members and the church. I was able to have lots of baby time while I was there!

I love da babies!

Natalie also came from America to help set up the church and she also watches little Anikah several days a week. She went to school in Lakeland, which is so close to USF. Made me feel like I took some home with me.

The rest of the household family includes Anyah and Ashiah, the two Polish girls who were rocking out at church. They are so much fun! I love learning and hearing about different cultures. They are both so much fun and have such a great sense of humor!

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