Brussels, Belgium!

Sorry there has been such a huge gap between posts. School is warming up here and there are events going on constantly so taking time to write can be tough!

When I arrived at the Brussels airport Apple came to pick me up so we could tour Brussels for the day. This included real Belgian waffles, seeing the key sites and watching the Manneken Pis statue being clothed for a festival. This statue is not as large as I thought it was but so cute in a “cute naked boy peeing in a fountain” kind of way. You would not believe the reactions from people watching this statue get clothed. I was packing back my fresh waffle topped with strawberries, powdered sugar and chocolate (if you can’t already tell, Belgium is going to be filled with food) and people were going crazy, like seeing this statue suddenly wearing a cowboy hat and boots made their whole month!

Cut me some slack in these photos, by this point I had gotten up at 2 that morning, rode a bus, waited at the airport, took a plane…

The Grote Markt Grand Place is where they have the Carpet of Flowers every year. Google search it! It’s beautiful. Apple and I had such a great time!


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